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Thermomass – Insulated Concrete Panel

Citywide Precast can offer exceptional energy efficiency rated concrete pre-cast panels built using the Thermomass Building Insulation System.

What is the Thermomass Building Insulation System?
Basically it is an integrated concrete panel that comprises an extruded polystyrene insulation core, which is sandwiched between two concrete panels braced together by specially designed connectors.

The polystyrene foam core thickness can be increased from 50mm up to 100mm to increase the thermal efficiency of the wall system module and subsequently increase the R-Value of the structure. This extruded polystyrene closed cell rigid foam insulation contains no gaps or voids, which resist weathering, water penetration, including water vapour transmission. It also has a high thermal resistance and high compressive strength, which reduces sagging and other performance-reducing wear.

The inner concrete panel faces the interior and is typically 125-200mm thick whilst the outer exterior facing panel thickness is typically 60-100mm thick. So in essence there is an internal and external insulation which means that the mass of the internal layer of concrete can be used as a heat sink for the building, passively regulating the temperature as the ambient temperature heats and cools over the day and night, slashing energy costs.

The Thermomass Building Insulation System complies with Section J of the Building Code of Australia and is suited to many applications, from high-rise developments, refrigeration, and residential and commercial properties.

Citywide Precast offers these fully integrated, highly energy-efficient, insulated wall systems along with the option to have the external panel face finished with one of many textured effects create the ultimate combination of form, function and finish to suit your project, saving time and money.