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Colour Finish


Citywide Precast offers coloured concrete panels which are an attractive option as a finish on smooth panels, a finish on textured panels, a time and cost saving process. Once erected in place, the finished facade coloured pre-cast panel means the exterior of your development is done! This time effective option also eliminates safety headaches with scaffolds or cranes for painters, and the stress for good weather. Add to this that the coloured finish is added in the mixing process so it can be applied to textured panels as well. Why would you not have your pre-cast panels coloured?

  • Colour through material camoflages chips
  • Cost saving on materials and time for finishing
  • Safer as finished facade in place - no cranes/ scaffolding to paint
  • Consistency in finish controlled in production process off-site
  • Added to concrete mix so can be applied to textured panels as well
  • No dependancy on good weather