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Precast Residential Precast Residential Homes are the Future

Did you know that precast concrete construction is not only for multi-storey complexes, industrial factories or shopping centres? You can also build your new home using precast panels. Why not stand out from the masses of bricks and mortar with a contemporary home design that utilises interesting textured precast panels?

Citywide Precast can make this a reality and with a range of options such as the aforementioned textured panels, curved panels and Thermomass Insulated panels, the sky is the limit to creating your ultimate home.

There are benefits too in constructing a precast concrete home such as reduced build times, a structure that maintains its strength over time, fire resistance, vermin resistance, moisture resistance, thermal mass and sound insulation. Please do not hesitate to contact if you are considering building your next home using precast panels – Citywide Precast would be delighted to help.

To get an idea of the types of effects that can be achieved with textured moulds, please navigate to the Textured Panels page where we have showcased a small selection of the reckli formliner textured panel range. Adding textured panels to your project as the main construction material or as a feature to tie in with other concrete, timber, masonry or metal finishes is sure to create a stunning visual impact.

Citywide Precast is here to help you; with out network and experience, we can help to make your precast home a reality, from an architect to document the project to a builder to erect the panels, you can count on us.